Ocean Of Jpes – a collection of pictures from the internet

Kolja: Do you have a title for this project? I need some content for the site. Maybe a small text or interview what this project is abaout?

Idan: I don't have a title nor text. It's just Google images. It's crazy out there in the ocean of jpegs.

Collections of images by artist Idan Hayosh. Website designed and coded by KoljaXYZ. CMS: Kirby.


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always sometimes

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when it ain't something it's not

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we're going back home right now

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Easy vs. Hard (episode 3)

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Truth don't work no more, so we go back to lying

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The uncancelled... (episode 3)

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HEAD&SHOULDERS (episode 1)

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We are all stardust

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PC is better than MAC (vol.11.5)

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At the club

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real BOYZ don't cry (vol.2)

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friendly Races....(vol.7635b)

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The longest day (vol.12)

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THE DECLINE... (vol.9)

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Obstacles on the path to perfection (vol.3)

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talk the talk

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Like a fish on a mountain Vol 2

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The longest day (vol.11)